I-25 Widening
Jefferson Street to San Antonio Drive
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Project Background

In 2008, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) began a study of the North I-25 corridor from north of I-40 to Tramway Road in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The purpose of the study was to identify existing roadway and traffic conditions and to identify improvement strategies to address future transportation needs. The study identified a number of projects that would improve traffic flow and safety within the project corridor and ranked each based on need, available funding, and appropriate sequencing. The Paseo del Norte Interchange Reconstruction project was the first project to be designed and completed. The I-25 from Jefferson Street to San Antonio Drive project is the second phase identified for completion in the North I-25 Corridor Study.

Project Description

The I-25: Jefferson Street to San Antonio Drive (NMDOT number PN/CN A301181) project limits include the mainline freeway, the frontage road system, and the arterial cross-street intersections within and in close proximity to I-25 from Jefferson Street to San Antonio Drive. The total project distance is approximately 1.4 miles. The project design and activities include:

Widening the northbound I-25 roadway to add an additional auxiliary off-ramp to San Antonio Drive from just north of the San Mateo off-ramp to the existing second auxiliary off-ramp that was constructed during the Paseo Del Norte Project.
Widening the northbound I-25 bridge over San Mateo Street for an additional auxiliary off ramp.
Widening the southbound I-25 roadway for a fourth driving lane between Jefferson Street and San Antonio Drive.
4. Widening the southbound I-25 bridge over San Mateo Street for a fourth driving lane.

The design has followed the NMDOT’s Location Study Procedures guidelines, which includes Phase 1A, Initial Evaluation of Alternatives, and Phase 1B, Detailed Evaluation of Alternatives. The project is currently in Phase 1C, Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Documentation. Detailed environmental reviews of the project area will be conducted and a Categorical Exclusion will be prepared in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

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Phase 1A Report

North I-25 Study: Phase 1A Report

Phase 1B Report

North I-25 Study: Phase 1B Report

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Public Meeting Handout - March 2, 2016

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